OtherDSSA joins forces with Belgravia Leisure to support Swimming Australia’s Lap Australia Initiative

February 17, 20190

The Belgravia Leisure swim team is in third place in fundraising for the annual Lap Australia swim event, thanks to the generosity of Down Syndrome Swimming Australia (DSSA), who has provided financial support as well as twelve important swimmers for the event.

The event is designed to get Australians swimming this summer. Whether you prefer laps in a pool, and open water swim, a splash at the beach or a snorkel at the reef, everyone can take part. In a new evolution of the challenge, for 2019 you can pledge your support to a team, led by an inspiring captain, supporting a terrific cause.

The challenge has so far resulted in 2,200km in swim pledges, but there are many more to come when the challenge started off on January 19.

So far it has been the Masters Swimming Team that has led for the majority of the competition. The experienced campaigners have been rallied by Olympic legend Dawn Fraser and 100-year-old and four-times Masters world record holder, George Corones.

But the Belgravia Leisure team, led by ambassador Brooke Hanson, is in third position after the DSSA pledged 251km for the team. Great job DSSA!

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The DSSA was created to support and promote the inclusion of people with Down syndrome into sporting, recreational and other opportunities at competition level.